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My PhD research is a qualitative case study of the Mentoring and Coaching Fellowship (MCF) in the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB).  Specifically, through the social learning theory lens of communities of practice (Wenger, 1998), it examines the impact of the MCF on the school district and the Mentor-Coach’s professional learning, identity and practice.  


I am passionate about teaching and learning.  What does it mean to be instructionally intelligent and how can we as educators and leaders create powerful learning environments in all our contexts?

Coaching and Mentoring

I am interested in coaching, mentoring and induction in education.  How can we unpack the terminology to better support our Mentor-Coaches and examine the role these complex processes play in professional growth.   

Community building

I believe positive and trusting relationships are essential to learning. In what ways can we as educators and leaders create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments for all our staff and students.   How can Restorative Practice, circling pedagogy and community building be embedded into all classrooms (including Teacher Education) and professional learning opportunities.

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